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How to Prepare Your Skin for Winter

The winter can play havoc with our skin, with extreme weather conditions, low temperatures and fluctuations in humidity all able to cause damage.
In the winter months, it’s common for skin to feel dehydrated, itchy and dull – but it doesn’t have to. Here at Fiona Clossick, we’ve put together our top five tips for preparing your skin for the winter months.

1. Keep the Air Moist

Dry air is very bad for the skin – so avoid drying it out in the first place. Heated homes and offices will remove moisture from the air, so invest in a humidifier. It will help to keep skin supple and moist – and as an added benefit, it will improve your breathing too.

2. Change Your Moisturiser


Choose thick creams that offer deep moisturising as we move from the summer months into winter. Those with added vitamin E and hyaluronic acid are the perfect choice. Night creams are a must in winter – and move away from lotions, which are often lighter.

3. Don’t Wait Until Your Skin is Dry

Many people choose only to moisturise their hands, faces and other parts of their bodies when they notice dry skin – whereas getting into the habit of regular usage can prevent this dry skin from appearing at all. Moisturise regularly – multiple times per day for your hands especially, which will dry out more quickly than other areas.

4. Dress in Layers


The colder weather requires warmer clothing – but changes in our environment (such as going from the colder outside to a centrally heated building) can play havoc with our body temperatures. Dress in layers to stay comfortable and to prevent sweating – sweating makes us lose moisture from our skin and can also cause irritation.

5. Watch Out for Chemical Exfoliants


Ingredients such as glycolic and salicylic acids are often found in anti-ageing products, and while they can help skin to look younger, they can be bad for our skin in the winter. They work by sloughing away dead skin cells, which can dry the skin out more during winter months.

Keeping your skin healthy during the winter is all about preparation: rather than waiting until you see visible damage, it’s always better to prevent this damage from happening in the first place.

For treatments that will keep your skin looking and feeling its best this winter, contact us.

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