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How You Can Have Confidence in your Appearance

Body confidence can be tricky for some – our brains see the way we look very differently to how other people do. With that in mind, we at Fiona Clossick have created a list of five tips to help you to be more confident about your appearance:

1. Look After Yourself

It may sound obvious, but by making sure you’re eating right, sleeping well, exercising regularly and avoiding stressful situations, you’ll give yourself a good basis on which to grow your confidence.

2. Spend More Time Looking in the Mirror

Often, when we look in the mirror or at photos of ourselves, we choose only to see the perceived negatives. Take time to look at yourself closely in the mirror and focus on the parts of your appearance that you’re happy with.

3. Play to Your Strengths

If you’re proud of your toned arms, dress to show them off. If you love the look of your eyes, use make up that enhances them and makes them stand out even more. By highlighting your best features, you’re sure to receive plenty of compliments that will help to bolster your confidence.

4. Reframe Perceived Negatives in a more Positive Way

It may be that you’re overweight, which gives you less confidence. Reframe this by focusing on your beautiful curves, and how womanly they make you look. If you think your nose is too big, switch to telling yourself that you have a strong and powerful profile. Other people’s perceptions of how we look are based on how we project ourselves, so be nice to yourself.

5. Change the Way you Dress

Often, those of us who aren’t happy with our body shape will dress to hide any perceived flaws – which often has the opposite effect. Consider trying new styles, or maybe even using a personal shopper who will help you to see which styles best suit your shape. You may find that they pick out clothing you’d never have considered – and that you end up loving.

If you’re still not confident and think cosmetic work will help, please contact us.

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